Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ACFW Conference Wear

Today I am devoting to conference fashion. Why? I think one of the most important things you can do to promote yourself in your profession is dress appropriately.

Color basics first. If you don't know the best colors for you, try this trick. Stand in front of a mirror. Hold up something Yellow under and around your face. Then hold up something blue. Which looks best on you? If like me it is blue, you are a cool. If it is yellow, you are a warm. That's about as basic as it gets:-) Now you can try almost any color as long as the undertone of the color fits whether you are cool or warm. There are greens that have a yellow undertone and there are greens that have a blue undertone.

How do you tell the difference? Hold them up against yellow and blue. Which matches and which contrasts? If it would clash, it's a given to avoid a clash. Cool should never wear warm and vica versa. It causes your skin tone to go sallow and dull. Bright skin makes you look alert and happy. So first find out what really are your colors and wear them to look your best. Yes, there are yellows with a blue undertone. Take a look at color palettes at paint stores. You'll be amazed! They'll even help you figure out if yellow is in the tint. Then take some of your favorites to your closet or the store to double check your wardrobe.

This is an outfit that can transfer well between daytime workshops and seeing the town. You can layer it with a short sleeve sweater for a cold conference room too.

You may have seen this photo before, but notice the ballet shoes I bought at Shopko for about $12. They are comfortable and casual dressy. Perfect with a sundress during daytime or evening events.

If you came from the FAITH girls blog, remember when I mentioned personality? If this outfit doesn't say personality, I don't know what does. Who would ever pair those two blouses together? ME! The colors were amazing when worn with that $10 skirt from a dimestore in downtown Spokane. I had no idea what could go with it. I played in my closet for this unusual combo. What unusual finds are in your closets?

Oh yes, I love to wear pretty things too. The dramatic earrings go well with an ankle length Cold Water Creek dress for Saturday night celebrations. I love this dress. It cost $24.99 on discount after Christmas. Wear what makes you feel special that night.

And there are those ballet style shoes again:-)

Oh, did I mention I wore the ballet shoes all week?

Fashion. It's all about playing with color and style to find what fits your personality for the right purpose. Each outfit I have here are for different days and times. And then there is the swimsuit...for swimming or modeling, but not for meetings. Thankfully, there's a great pool at the hotel where I will be practicing synchronized swimming on breaks. Be sure to bring yours even if you just need to sit in the hot tub to relax.

Have fun playing in your closet today. If you really must go buy something, haunt Ross Dress for Less before you head to the mall. Then try all the sale racks before you even look at the regularly priced items. I almost always find the best buys on the Dillard's, Penneys, Cold Water Creek, and Sears clearance areas. They are my favorite spots to shop. I go after the season ends. Often things are 50-75% less.

Make being professional not only a goal, but a fun adventure.
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