Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to Slenderize

I've received several private emails from the post I did yesterday asking for a little more. Several people mentioned that they thought I could look nice because I am slender and didn't have a weight problem. I want to share that I do have a weight problem. Over the last year, I've lost over 30 pounds. I tried for years on my own and I just couldn't do it. I excercised, I thought I ate go. Finally, I joined Weight Watchers.

Let me encourage you! I lost my weight at .2 or .6 pounds a week. Sometimes I felt so frustrated that other people lost 5-6 pounds a week! I'd stare at them and wonder what was wrong with me. Then I'd gain a week or two in a row.

I honestly just stuck to journaling, tracked and religiously watched my points, and it took me 8 months. Always .2, .4, .6 tenths of a pound. If you have more than 30 pounds, it will take longer. Everyone is different. You have to set a goal and be undeterred even when you are discouraged. That is why you go to the meetings, to be encouraged while you learn to grow your confidence, will-power, and goal setting.

Holidays were hard, but I did the points (FLEX) plan because I could have all the treats on it. They just had to be smaller. I still eat treats every day. I do use the Weight Watcher 1 point snacks from the store. I switched to no sugar added cookie dough ice cream and diet A&W root beer. I added lots of salads filled with vegies to my diet. I measure because my eyes are bigger than my stomach. And...I was taught to clean my plate too. Sorry folks, that isn't wise.

I didn't even know how to recognize hunger/full signals. That was my biggest struggle. I still work on it, but now if I overeat it hurts. I never recognized the "hurt" feeling of being overstuffed. I really thought it was a feeling of contentedness. How crazy is that?!

At first learning to measure and pay attention was so annoying. Then it became a habit. Now it is old hat. I'm much happier so I acknowledge that this is my new life. I really do measure 1/2 cup of no sugar added cookie dough ice cream! It makes the most wonderful float:-D

I eat a lot of soup too. But I love it. And the funniest thing is that I used to LOVE breads. Now I realize that I'll go a long time without it and not miss it. I did switch to Franz high fiber bread and when that's not available, I use Hostess high fiber bread. Weight Watchers is coming out with rolls for sandwiches too.

At size 14, the most flattering things I wore were the Hollywood waist pants. (I'm wearing a pair on my website photo.) The photographer angled my body for the best effect. But the slacks provide a slimming look through darting and a smooth, flat lay against your body.

You can get this style at Penneys. I still wear them because they are always slimming. They are also very modern and comfortable. They cost about $25-49 depending on the sale and the brand. You can also find them in other stores. I always look for that style. I've found them at Ross Dress for Less, Sears, etc. They are also called No-Waist Pants. If you have the funds, Cold Water Creek has awesome stuff like that. They call it something different though. I also shop at K-Mart and Wal-mart and Shopko a lot. They carry lots of things like that. (I'd warn you away from the ones at Eddie Bauer because they shrink and are too expensive to be shrinking!)

Now at a size 4, the other thing I do is to still look for princess seaming. It flatters the figure and slims at any size. It's the darts that run the front and back of a blouse. Having the darts in the back allows the blouse to skim into the small of your back. This is the smallest area of your trunk. Highlighting it is always flattering. This blouse has them.

What doesn't look good? Anything that binds or cuts into your body. It is not flattering to look like you have rubberbands dilineating the wrong spots. A gentle skim is what you're after regardless of your size.

I hope this helps:-)
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