Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Spy With My Little Eye

Fire engine red! A completely different twist on site seeing. I've been on double decker buses, trains, plains, stage coaches, horseback, boats of many shapes and sizes, but I've never ridden a fire engine around town to see the area. Have you?

This is another one I can't wait to go do. I get to go twice more this summer to Virginia City. It's a good thing I couldn't see it all in the day I spent there beginning of July. I realized that one day was not enough!

So I plan to eat more ice cream, take the ghost walk, the stage coach, and the fire engine.

But if you are there on a Sunday, there's another old style experience waiting for you...

This church meets in a white canvas tent reminiscent of the Civil War era. Yes, they really do worship:-) I definitely want to talk my family into visiting. I love worshipping my Lord and I love learning about the way other people worship HIm too. I think it's really awesome that there are options available on vacation. The more formal church or a cowboy tent. Why not tuck that memory into your heart? It could be one of a kind that stands out in your life.

Besides the fun you'll have, the hidden beauty of the area is a must not miss natural attraction. You have to go exploring to find these gems. (Speaking of gems, I'll be showing you some tomorrow as we see the terrific shopping available. You will be stunned at the variety and quality in this tiny living ghost town.)

My son gets to live there all summer. Here's a shot of the Virginia City Players "Actor's Row."

All the actors live in little cabins by a large pond. I'll show you more as we get to their interviews. But here's a taste of what they do to entertain the crowds in the Virginia City Opera House.

True to my style, I love to travel. I'll see what interesting things I can find. So if you are as hooked on the Montana tour as I am:-D Please stay tuned... I'll post at least one more Virginia City post. See ya' real soon.

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