Friday, July 06, 2007

Eating Out in Virginia City

I had the best time exploring all the little spots to eat in the Old West. I even had my first buffalo burger at the Virginia City Cafe with my son, Forrest and my brother, John.

We wandered the shops, found gorgeous photo opps, and then stopped for a huckleberry shake at the ice cream shop.

People from all over the world leave notes praising the excellent creamery! It's fun to read them.

Want to see how they make it?

Yep, this is really the ice cream maker! It was busy shaking away as we ordered.

Then, I'd suggest everybody go have lots of fun with the night life... My husband and I are going to do this next time we go. We have a hobby of taking ghost walks all over the country (when we find them.) Usually, there are lots of laughs while we explore history in a really fun way.

We topped it off with dessert in a gorgeous upscale restaurant or you could go whole hog for an amazing late dinner.

With lovely friends (Forrest and Nora are both actors with the Virginia City Players.)

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show you a very unique way to tour the area Western style. Remember we've seen the stage coach tour, the ghost tour, and you can take trail rides on horseback. But there is another possible amusement you might really enjoy...See you tomorrow:-)

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