Sunday, July 08, 2007

There's Gold in Virginia City

The rings here are all varying colors of sapphires mined in Montana. The gold is from Alder Gulch just down the road. You can actually buy it at the Elling Gold Exchange. The gold nuggets remind me of the movie, Paint Your Wagon, one of my favorites:-D

Much to the surprise of shopkeeps, I shot my way through Virginia City! Okay, I shot digital photos, but it still took a few people sideways.

They'd look at me askance and lift their eyebrows at my son as I photographed different items in the shop. Once I explained I wanted to tell the world about them, well, everyone just plain had a lot of fun with me. So now all of you lovely readers might consider mentioning you found these places on my blog. Nope, no one gets anything from it. I don't get any money, I didn't sell any advertising, and no one gets a dime. It would be a good thing though if I proved good for my word to all these nice folks. Would ya' mind mentioning you found Virginia City and it's opportunities for tourism and adventure here?

Welcome to the Elling Gold Exchange. Period costume adds to the ambience.

One of the most famous gems from Montana is the Yogo sapphire. This one is an example of gorgeous quality.

I couldn't pass up showing off this amazing necklace. You'll have to go see it for yourself.

A cameo moment for lovely cameos:-)

See you soon.

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