Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Come on, the water feels great!

I am very excited to have the chance to promote a sport I adore. I'd had the desire to do a video or photo shoot for a long time, but no opportunity without both the pool and the photographer. Jodie Westfall had the pool and the job:-) So come with me over the next few days to visit Jodie's pool down in Dallas, TX.

Synchronized swimming is an old sport. But not a lost art. Many of us have great memories of watching Esther Williams movies. She was an amazing diver, swimmer, and had awesome breath control. Another thing she inspires is the beauty and grace in the water. Synchronized swimming isn't about racing at all. Did you know women can compete in Synchronized Swimming from 8 yrs old to 98 yrs old? And they do! I hope to practice this sport like my grandmother did well into my older years.

It's about how well you can control each movement to be as perfect as you can. Maybe you can liken it to the study of ballet or Thai Chi. Everything is about the form. Well controlled movement will not only be graceful, but it will also look easy to the spectator.

Pointed toes-crucial :-)

Here's a simple back tuck in process. (My coach, Laura, and I call this particular part of the tuck...duck butt!) From this position, you can start several basic figures. If I unfold so that my feet go straight into the air, that would be a kip. But I'm going to go all the way around. Jodie moved around her pool to show different angles of the figure on film.

Notice how tightly tucked my body is to make the somersault.

As I layout, I unfold my body by leading with my toes.

The back tuck ends in a full layout for the basic figure.

The one thing you don't usually see is the long hair floating behind. So why did I do it? I lost my goggles and my synch swim cap in transport. Ugh! It made a few things more difficult. Just look below for a really funny moment that Jodie Westfall (ACFW Official Photographer) caught on film.

Now I'm Cousin It...

Now I'm getting whiplash from the weight of the water in my hair, lol!

My advice-don't lose pieces of your luggage :-)

PS Tomorrow, a few more complicated figures.
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