Thursday, August 02, 2007

Synchronized Swimming-an advanced figure

I love the feel of the water. I love the peace I experience under the surface. Add music, I'm ecstatic! Here's one of my favorite figures. It's called the Swordfish. The trick is to go backwards so that your feet go up and over your head counter-clockwise.

The move starts with a front layout (face and tummy toward the bottom of the pool.) Then I draw my right leg up into a sailboat. I scoop really hard and propel myself up and back.

I create an intense arch and hold my body very securely. Without the strength in the muscles, the Swordfish will fold. Then as I arc over the top, my right toes slide down my left leg to start the end of the figure.

The toes reach equal placement and continue to lead me through.

Notice the arch stays until I am breaking the surface.

I torpedo scull to the finished layout. Voila! The Swordfish:-)

Years past, synchronized swimming was called water ballet. One of the most famous water ballerinas is Esther Williams. Esther was also an amazing diver. The thing I most admire of the old Esther Williams movies is how fun she made it all look. Okay, fun and simple. This sport is fun. But it is also excellent for your body. Core workouts help your posture, diminish back pain, and overall improve your long term health. Many synchronized swimming classes and clubs exist all over the country (and world.) I found mine at the local YMCA. You can find more information and summer camps at:

The best thing about synchronized swimming though? You got it! I feel like a kid again every time I swim:-) Simple to learn, years to perfect. This means I can always be learning and growing while I enjoy myself excercising in the pool. Excercise is not only good for your body, it's good for your creativity bug too. Come on in, the water is great!

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