Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tourists for a Day

The other day, one of my kiddos and I spent a great afternoon acting like tourists. We did it totally for fun and for this "Real" Montana tour on my blog. Our goal was to find great sight-seeing spots for people that might be off the beaten path. Come spend a few minutes being a tourist with us:-D

Cyber Tour Guide, Angie

And Cyber Tour Guide, Kiddo # 4, my lovely step-daughter.

Today, we'll show you the hills around Missoula...and the views from the hills...

Some people still have teepees in the hills...Mostly, they're fun tents for summer outdoor camping. But we do have pow wows where I'm sure there are authentic teepees.

This is a view looking up at an old homestead. We're on the highest road on South Hills. We imagined back in the olden times how tired those poor horses would be going up to this homestead. It isn't even visible from the floor of the valley.

Tomorrow, come with us to see Fort Missoula where they held Italian prisoners of war during WWII.

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