Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are there cars in Montana?

This question made me laugh, but it gets asked more than once. So I decided to prove we are a modern society, lol.

Here's a few photos taken around Missoula, MT.

My 15 yr old son is getting his time in behind the wheel on the new graduated driving law. The kids joke that I'm really a nervous "back seat" driver. We're working on that as much as we're working on turning a corner at a sane speed!

We even have a mall. Okay, it's one level and not so big, but people come from hours away to shop here:-)

This is Orange Street that becomes Stephens. Do you have streets that turn into other streets? We have lots of them and that would be why it is so easy to get lost! It is quite a pretty one to drive down. The mountain in the background is called Lolo Peak. I love how the trees frame it in the summer and fall. Unfortunately, it gets covered by smoke from fires like this day.

And to prove we are thoroughly modern, we have Mickey D's...and cars!

And one of Santa arriving for the Christmas in July celebration the Bigfork Summer Playhouse staff has every year:-D

Tomorrow, I'll post a really fun one:-)
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