Monday, May 21, 2007

Tour of the Fort Missoula

Your Cyber Tour Guides are back to show you a fun and unique spot.

This area was used to imprison Italian and German people during WWII. There are guard shacks and barracks, but a few other surprises too.

The barracks...I understand that a lot of the prisoners ended up staying in Missoula and the surrounding area to settle here.
These folks were often held even though they were not involved in the war. The fear at the time of spies caused many to be held through the war. A very sad situation.

The guard shacks...

The museum buildings brought here from other parts of Montana...

And what you do inside demonstrated by Cyber Tour Guide Kiddo #4 :-D

Oh my gosh! There is so much more!!! Well, stay tuned to tour more tomorrow

Until then, May the Lord bless and keep you safe and happy.