Tuesday, May 22, 2007

School Days in Montana

Hi-Welcome back:-)

Cyber Tour Guides Angie and Kiddo #4 want to show you a few more great things at Fort Missoula. You just can't leave without seeing these great finds!

I had a request for ghost towns too. This is a recreated one with buildings from around the area. I'll be heading out to find Garnet and Virginia City for you. Stay tuned for those in the summer months. I also heard folks would like to see the flora and fauna, those will be up and coming later this week:-)

For those of you who have never seen a one-room school house, there are still a few working in Montana. This one, however, is no longer in daily use. It's kept in pristine condition and school children around the area get to come and experience it on field trips. They dress up and attend school here. In fact, Kiddo #4 did just that! The cool thing is that my grandfather attended a school like this with his own sister as a teacher. My grandpa was born in 1883. He was 81 when I was born!

It's quite well preserved...

I just had to play:-) I love to go to old places like this and imagine really living or being there. I love old ghost towns, museums where I can go back in time, and adore old houses or castles.

One more photo of what a child's desk would have on it:-) And then the bell rings for the day...

There is so much to do and see in Montana. As much as we love our wildlife and open spaces, we love to play, hike, and preserve history.

Next up, hiking in Montana and some of the flora you will see in the springtime here.