Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hiking in Montana

Today's cyber guides area Mariah and me (Mariah's mom, Angie)

Here's the wildflowers Mariah arranged after taking a long walk around our house. She did such a pretty job:-)

And here's some more great walks and hikes.

Hiking the "M" is a favorite! The locals do this regularly for excercise and the view. The U of M sports teams can often be seen running the zigzag path. The air changes thinner and cooler with a strong breeze. In fact, your ears can definitely feel the difference. Some people even take a picnic and sit on the "M" to eat. You'll love it.

The plant life here is gorgeous. It's unique to the desert mountains. Western Montana is a different climate than Yellowstone. Most people hear about the wild and extreme weather in Montana based on the national news. The reports tend to be the extremes rather than the banana belt that's in Western Montana.

One of my favorite flowers. It's the tiny blue flax. It tends to grow in clumps like daisies, almost like weeds. It's such a surprise of color found in patches all over town and the hills.

You'll also see these lovely yellow flowers often...Mariah climbed a hill to get some for her arrangement.

There will be lush areas near rivers, evergreen areas covered in trees, and almost barren areas with grasses that go brown mid-summer for lack of water. The terrain and variety will keep you exploring for years.

One last fun photo...this is a bridge over a creek by our house. Even Mariah didn't realize how photogenic it was, lol.

How can you not revel in the glory God created for us to enjoy! There's lots of little footbridges like this around. I sigh when I see this one:-)

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