Friday, May 18, 2007

Favorite Places in Missoula

This one is going to have to be a series. Why? Because there are so many:-D

I'd like to give you a tour of a place I've gone many times over the years. This place is not only beautiful, but peaceful.

One of my favorite views, if you get the chance, is crossing the Higgins Street Bridge heading North. It's quite breathtaking with the mountain as the backdrop.

Here's a little closer view...

Welcome to St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

The history is awesome inside the walls.

Come on in and let me show you around:-)

This is the pipe organ and loft...

And the gorgeous painted ceiling...

The statues and small alcoves.

I realize that some people think too many churches are elaborate, but I like to think of places like this as a visual of the talents the Lord has given all of us to use for His glory. This is the altar area.

I truly feel at peace and joyful when I visit St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. I hope you will too.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to come again in the future. Sit in a pew, say a prayer, marvel at the talents the Lord blessed the craftsmen with who built this wonderful place, and enjoy worship if you wish.

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