Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I love to travel. One of the things I like to do though is plan the travel. I get all involved in the AAA books of the area, the internet options for research, and finding out what I want to do when I get there. Do you like to plan like that or are you a person who prefers to see what happens?

This makes me think about plotters versus seat of the pants writers. I thought I was more of a plotter there for awhile. But all of a sudden, I find it difficult to see past the next scene in my book. Sure, I have a general idea. But isn't it interesting that we think we are one thing when really, it might be just a season for change. Maybe it's just flexibility. One thing one time, another for a different time. No matter what though, I always have a really good idea of where I'm going.

Is your personality one that is flexible? Do you plan ahead? When you travel, do you know what's available? Are you easily distracted? Do you follow a map or go where the road leads you? See how this offers a similarity to writing (plot or seat of the pants.)

I think I'd like to post some travel tips:-) These should work for both planners and adventurers.

Here's one...

Plan ahead, but be flexible.
We went to Hawaii a few years ago. I had a huge plan of events down to the day we'd do them and whether they'd be afternoon, evening, or morning. What I didn't foresee was how they'd need to be shifted around because of changes in the businesses schedules. Some of my family panicked at the changes thinking they wouldn't be able to do the one thing they'd set their hearts on. So my advice is that you find out what there is to do in a place in advance. Pick several things. Then, be flexible with what will fit where. You'll still get to do a lot of fun things, but you won't feel like vacation is ruined if it didn't work out on a specific date and time. Give yourself several options to choose from so that you will not feel deprived or like you "missed it" if one falls through. One always will. Prepare your children with that fact and let them know that there are other plans in the works. You're still going to have a wonderful time seeing something you've never seen or done before.

PS We will be heading to Disneyland this week. I will try to post late evenings. Ah heck, I like to post late evening when I'm home:-D
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