Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Dark Mirror

Today I experienced the dawn of a new comprehension. My whole world changed in just a few spoken words. Has this ever happened to you? Do you still remember the words?
I felt like the future was an open, black maw. I couldn't manage it. I couldn't see how it would work out. I felt overwhelmed looking at the infinity of the years to come.

Timing is a funny beast. I have 3.2 pounds to go to my goal weight with Weight Watcher's program. Now wouldn't be the time I'd expect to hear something that would make weight loss easier. Trust God to toss the winning ball at the basket with two-tenths of a second to spare:-) (Okay, remember we puny, finite humans are the ones that think the passage of time matters in the face of eternity, lol.)

As I think it over, God is perfection. The perfect moment to help me see more clearly the road ahead. Exactly what I need to give Him my fears of gaining back the weight.

Why am I so confident? I no longer stare into a dark mirror, trying to peer with squinty eyes, wondering how I will maintain my new weight. In fact, I'm staring into mirrors trying to figure out who is staring back at me, lol.

So what were the words that sent a small firefly into my worried little brain? They were spoken by our leader, Martha, today at the weekly meeting. I don't know if she created this quote, or had material sent to her by the headquarters for WW, or if she found it somewhere else. But they tipped my world, gave me hope, and firmly anchored my new way of life. Martha drew a word picture for me...

"Your stomach is an unruly toddler. Your head is the adult. Does the child rule the kitchen or the adult?"

Now as a mother, I immediately grasped that concept. I grabbed onto it and the little firefly turned into a fire-breathing dragon! The miniscule little worry burned up under the onslaught of brilliant comprehension. The mirror is no longer dark. I have a huge dragon on my side to go to battle with me over the future. The heat and energy burst forth like the finale fireworks.

I am in control. Not only me, but my adult over my unruly tummy child.
I will succeed. I will go forth into the brightest future. I KNOW I can maintain my new weight because I have tamed the beast:-D

Do you have habits that need taming?

Do you have a goal nearly within reach?

Do you need more education or knowledge to succeed?

Will you trust God to provide what you need at the perfect moment?

Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Ah, keep going my friend. He will send a flare to light up your sky when you most need it.

May your heart be open to hear the words,
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