Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Find the Universal Message

A few days ago I played blog tag. It's quite a fun thing to do. I posted 6 weird things about myself, tagged someone else to do it, and then read their 6 weird things. I am amazed at how the answers began to reveal things that we shared in common. Not everyone exactly the same, no, but more in the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way. One out of the six answers, on any given blog, you could easily trace a similar answer connecting some trait, like, or dislike to all the authors playing tag in less than 6 degrees of separation (and usually one!)

I was tagged by Lindi. I tagged Camy (and the Finish the Book loopers) who tagged Nancy. Lindi had a dislike of almond extract and so do I, I dislike seafood and so does Nancy, Nancy loves purses and so does Camy. See where I'm going with this? (And boy I hope I got those right from memory, lol.) One person led to another posting and connecting. A net woven with common examples that draw us closer together.

{For those of you following how to build a support network, this is a great example of finding things in common with another person. Why? Because it builds toward understanding and understanding builds relationships. Building is done brick by brick, not all at once. Allow yourself time.}

The interesting thing is that the game struck a chord with me. What if we all played again, but instead of saying 6 weird things, we shared 6 things we loved about ourselves. Hmm...(Now before you think this is narcicism, please read all the way through so you can give me your opinion back at the F.A.I.T.H. blog for the chocolate contest.) :-D

6 Things I Love About Me Are...

1. I'm very adventurous and intensely curious. I'll try almost any food and look for new ways to learn through experiences in travel, education, and meeting people. It makes me understand other's lives and experiences better.
2. I'm determined. I do not give up easily. I'll just go at it from another angle. I hope that my example will inspire others.
3. I'm able to help others because of my mistakes and painful experiences. Seeing difficulties this way opened me up to a sense of purpose.
4. I'm learning to use my talents for the Lord-finally! Man, this one took a long time to surface.
5. I've learned to make friends and create a support network by nurturing those relationships. I'm learning how to encourage others to learn this skill too. (This is a BIG deal for people who've been isolated by emotional or physical abuse.)
6. I'm consciously clearing out of my schedule the financial decisions, behaviors, and things that do not reflect who I am and what I stand for in order to be authentic. I want to live my life making a difference in the world for Christ and I am passionate about that goal.

Christ said to love others as yourself. So what do you love about you? How does that help you love others?

I'd be honored if you'd share those things with me here, and then pop on over to share your opinion about the universal message of this post for the chocolate contest at

Thank you so much for your time today:-) Please come and visit again soon.

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