Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Exploring my son's dream or how I became a spokesmodel

Becoming a spokesmodel was a fluke. Yep, a fluke. I took my son to the Millie Lewis conference in Seattle to explore his dream of acting. He has had a few auditions, but has moved on to wanting to be a chemistry teacher and chef.

In the meantime, we had a ball exploring dreams together. His agent called me and asked a favor. She didn't have anyone in my area to do a particular promotion. Would I do it for her? I needed some extra money to pay for my son's new private school. (We'd moved there from home schooling.) I said yes. And then she called again. Over two years later, I'm still working.

I do have to give my mom some credit here. Remember a few posts back I mentioned a few of the things she did right? Being able to do a promo with confidence and poise is directly related to mom supporting me in those beauty pageants when I was a teen.

It's nice to realize that a parent with schizophrenia would be the reason I'm comfortable in this career. And that by being comfortable, my son is able to attend the school of his choice.

So...thanks mom, you did make a difference. I wouldn't be who I am without those experiences and my son couldn't go to his school without the support you gave me so many years ago.

Did your broken vessel parent do something that might have given you something you needed? Do you have a skill you wouldn't have otherwise? Something to ponder.

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