Monday, January 15, 2007

This Goal Thing Can Be Exciting and Scary

This is just a "happy" share. I set some goals a while back and would like to share the outcome.

My daughter and I went shopping for clothes we both desperately needed. We had a ball. But the best thing was that my Weight Watcher's involvement paid off. I seriously doubt I'll ever quit. Once you meet your goal, it's free for life. I have 5 lbs. to go.

The coolest thing was that I carried around a picture of a dress from Cold Water Creek. I wanted that dress sooo badly. I couldn't justify spending the money on something that lovely I might get to wear once, maybe. It's a red and black long dress that ends at my ankles. The A-line is so flattering in the photo even without a model wearing it.

I earmarked the page. Not good enough. I put 2 exclamation points beside it. Then I buried the CWC catalog in my daytimer. I took it out often and thought, "what if..."

While shopping for pants (had to, the others are way baggy) I tried on a size 6. I didn't want to be disappointed so I had my daughter zip up the side closure. I actually looked the other way, lol. When she was done, they fit:-) We hugged, I jumped up and down, and she called one of my dear friends to tell the good news. I've gone from a size 12 to a size 6 in five months. I know other people might have done it faster, but who cares? With the grace of God (lots of prayer) I did it.

Then we were ready to go home. We passed the CWC store on the way out. I remembered my dream dress. What else could we do? We went in search of the elusive gown.

We looked halfway through the store. I turned to go and stopped. Peeking out from behind several other dresses, I saw a fluff of black netting covering cranberry material. No, it couldn't hung hidden. The only one in the store. Maybe the only one left over in the company. I reached for it. The size would never be what I needed. What were the odds?

My daughter walked up behind me and whispered, "So? Mom, look and see."

"IT"S A 6! But that doesn't matter, it probably won't fit because sized aren't standard between stores anymore."

"Mooommm, Go try it on." She pushed me into the dressing room.

As I slid into the sparkling garment, I realized I needed help with the back fastening. Both my daughter and the sales woman came. As the zipper went up, my jaw dropped. YES! It fit!

I was so excited that I hugged my daughter. She took a photo with my phone (boy that sounds funny) and sent it to my friend. We danced around the dressing room. Even the sales ladies all got involved in the revelry. But it was so expensive.

Sales all weekend and possibilities. I lifted the price tag. 70% off! I bought the dress of my dreams for $28.99! Whooya!

The question for you you have a dream? Can you patiently wait for it?

Does it matter if someone does it faster? Gets published sooner? Meets their goal first?

I say no. Other ladies lost more weight, met their goals so much faster. It did not diminish one wit the joy I felt in achieving mine. Not one wit! I danced in my new gown because I met MY goal, not because I didn't. I thank God that He gives us each personal goals that are not a competition. They are specially made just for each one of us.

Please determine your goals, dreams, and focus on them. The focus (carrying around a picture) kept me going forward. Not every day was perfect. Just keep going.

May God bless you with a taste of success so that you will continue in His encouragement.

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