Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great Expectations part two

Well, as I expected, the furniture company is wonderful. They are making everything right. Thank you to those courteous folks and especially Debbie.

Another few weeks and all will be set up. I'm so excited. What exciting thing have you had to wait for? Tell me about it.

Right now, there is no bed in my room. We are switching three bedrooms amongst family. It's kind of comical trying to figure out who is sleeping where and which room things are in at the moment. Where did I put my clothes? It's nothing to see at least two of us running up and down the stairs to find the socks that used to be in the other spot.

Are there habits you have to think twice about? Have you done something halfway and had to stop to retrace steps?

I find this in my Weight Watcher's too. I've lost 18 pounds now. I had to retrain my eating habits. What are my triggers? Salty potato chips, chocolate, cookie dough, caramel corn, and corn bread. Now I still let myself have them, but I have to take the right amount and PUT THE PACKAGE AWAY. Otherwise, I nibble.

My friend Stephanie and I discovered that we don't eat when stressed or sad. We both eat when happy and full of joy. In our families, food expressed love. I'm learning to express love in other ways. (Except my sons are on the way back through Utah and I told them to stop at the Beaver exit cheese factory. Cheese curds express love in the best way!)

What triggers you?

The Lord be with you all,

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