Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Broken Dreams

Today, ten years of expectations. A place to help my husband relax and for us to be a couple. A corner to write in that is all mine. Even decorated and agreed on between two people that couldn't agree. Ten years of hunting for just the right bedroom suite. We ordered. It came--destroyed. We're heartbroken.

I think the company is going to make good on it. But the new pecan low profile cal king sleighbed...sigh...
The new triple dresser is completely shattered...sigh...
The chest of drawers has the backing busted out...and a two inch scratch across the carved corner.
Someone drove a forklift into the headboard and then lowered it...sigh...

We had to refuse some pieces. We didn't find the damage on some others because the delivery driver refused to help me open and peel off all the boxes. One of the night stands is chipped. Both of the night stands are missing a protective slider so they catch on my carpet.

What would you do if a ten year dream arrived in shambles? How would you react? Has that ever happened? It doesn't have to be furniture. It could be the death of a dream like my protagonist, Mercy Matthews, experiences in When She Wasn't Looking. Tell me about it.

Oh, one more little issue. The holes for the footboard and rails were drilled wrong. So we can't put it together either.

I believe the company will make it all right. After all, this is what they do. I thought about it a lot today. I am so blessed. I actually am going to receive my dream of a new bedroom set. People all over the world will never even have one. Our church sends quilts to destitute countries. That will be the recipient's new bedroom in some cases. I am so blessed.

I will wait. I will not grumble (any more) because in only ten years, I am getting a dream that some folks will never even dare to dream. I can wait a few more weeks. And in the meantime, I will go into the room and thank God that he granted me the ability to see this dream to fruition.

What dream do you dare to dream?

God uses broken vessels, and he uses broken dreams. I'll bet he has a great use for this one:-)

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