Thursday, November 09, 2006

Personal Polish

One of the things I like to do is mentor. Mentoring drawing others along a path and showing them how to get "there." When we walk along side giving directions, we enable a person to find their own way. They can ask questions and decide for themselves, but they have a safe haven where they can bounce around ideas.

Do you have a mentor? What do they share with you that helps you grow in your business, personal life, or craft?

I mentor in a few things (only if asked) for different people. One close to my heart is teaching others how to get a job through professionalism and interview skills. I help with everything from writing a resume' to role playing the actual interview process.
I feel so rewarded when the person comes away with a job. The feeling of success and confidence radiates from the inside out. I get at least as excited or more than the person with the new job.

Other things I enjoy helping people with are relationships, faith, and putting a little polish on their professionalism. Would anyone like tips on how to polish your professional demeanor?

What are things you like to help other people learn? What made your mentor so helpful to you if you had one? Have you ever considered mentoring someone else? If so, what do you feel confident enough about to assist someone else's journey?

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