Friday, November 10, 2006

The Origination of Human Emotion

Have you ever felt like no one understood what you were feeling? When? Is it a specific emotion or your feelings as a whole?

Some of the things I've experienced have left me feeling betrayed and victimized. I couldn't figure out how to get out of the spin of those emotions. I couldn't even talk it out. The words either wouldn't come out or I couldn't verbalize the swirl of the tornado inside me. My book When She Wasn't Looking came from this time and a combination of other women telling me their despair.

Then came Psalm 37. Actually, several of the Psalms in the 30's. But Psalm 37 especially talks about making the justice of my cause shine like the noonday sun. A picture of gorgeous blue sky on a bright summer day popped into my head. I saw it and the glory of His victory outshone the evil. I understood that the Lord would make that happen for me.

Could it be possible that there is a Psalm that will speak to your emotions? One specifically written for you?

I kept reading. In fact, I read the Psalms often because the more I read, the more I realize that all of our human emotions are described, celebrated, and created by the living God. He is the author of our ability to feel. He lets us know through the Psalms that all of our feelings are real and normal. That it is really okay to experience those joys, sorrows, frustrations, anger, love, and so many more. It makes the feeling of abandonment legitimate when a Psalm cries out and asks why and when will it end?

Are the Psalms just dusty old poetry? Not to me. They help God tell me that He knows how I feel every moment of every experience-good and bad. They also reach the core of my being with the hope that the Lord will bring things about to not only help me through, but also overcome my struggles.

What are you feeling? Do you have the courage to see if there is one phrase or a group of paragraphs that might not only connect to your heart, but might also help you understand and accept that emotion?

Dear Lord Jesus,
Please draw us to your Psalms. Help us to connect more to you and to ourselves through finding the Psalm that describes the emotion we can't verbalize. Grant healing and confidence to us as we begin to find out that you already know how we feel in the secret depths of our souls.
In Jesus Name,

Thanks for spending time with me today:-)
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