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Delightful review of A Healing Heart

Can I just use this as an example of how amazing and thoughtful reviewers are about A Healing Heart? This is from Amazon and the reviewer was so very thoughtful and thorough. Thank you to this reviewer and to all who are taking time out of their lives to read and review A Healing Heart!
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5.0 out of 5 stars This book will speak to your heart.July 9, 2013
This review is from: A Healing Heart: Quilts of Love Series (Paperback)
This book will speak to your heart. It spoke to mine in several ways. As I watch my quilting mother's health decline, it spoke to me about pouring my love into my family. It spoke to me about not getting so caught up in my circumstances that I forget to enjoy those around me. It spoke to me about never forgetting that God has a grander plan than I could ever think or imagine for myself. It spoke to me about allowing God to heal hurts and wounds that have cut into my inner core.

A Healing Heart will do just that--heal your heart. Sometimes we can see ourselves through a character even when the story is different than ours, and we can learn through their lessons even when the lesson that needs to be learned is a little different. Because truly, the only lesson we need to learn is to allow God to heal us in His time and His way. We may make some bad choices in our quest for healing, and we may need to voice a couple of "I'm sorry" phrases along the way, but God has a master plan for piecing our lives back together and making them beautiful just as Mara pieced together that wonderful quilt.

... Angela Breidenbach will keep you turning the pages to see how Mara's story unfolds.

A Healing Heart book cover
A Healing Heart
by Angela Breidenbach

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