Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Jessica Simpson is reportedly pregnant seven months after giving birth. What? That's never happened before? I'm sure there are millions of women out there that can say the same thing. Not really a newsworthy issue. However the contract with Weight Watchers has come into question.

I worked for Weight Watchers for several years. They don't drop you because you get pregnant. They simply allow you to suspend your membership until after the birth of your baby. Why? Because it's not healthy to lose weight while pregnant. A weight loss diet may harm the unborn child.

Common sense says that's what Weight Watchers will do with Jessica too since it's a pretty standard policy in the corporation. It's just silly to make something out of nothing. They can promote what they have so far. Then Weight Watchers has a bonus. They can reach out to moms who have given birth to more than one child. I see it as a win-win since this isn't a rare occurrence in the real world.

So what was there to really make sound bad in all this hoo-haw? The nonsense announcers that used heavy tones and negative connotations to paint Jessica Simpson in a negative light. There was even harsh music behind the announcer to add to the disapproving tone in commercials for upcoming shows on entertainment media.

 Funny they didn't mention Jessica was living out of wedlock, giving birth to children without being married, or any actual moral issue. Nope. The big deal was timing. Evidently you've done a bad thing if you don't follow the media's preconceived notions on when you should get pregnant. Of course whether you use birth control or it fails or whatever your personal beliefs are don't count according to recent media blitzes on Jessica Simpson. It's purely up to the media how you should live.

So tell me, is there the "right" timing to get pregnant after having a child? The television announcers and celebrity media portrayed a pregnant woman negatively because she didn't wait long enough between children.What do you think of that slant?

Jessica Simpson doesn't have an easy road with children so close together, but that's nothing new in this world. Mothers of twins, adopted siblings, and multiple children in diapers all know that feeling. So, Jessica, welcome to motherhood. It's a very blessed position. I hope you have the opportunity to marry their dad and build a happy family.

How long between your children?
Did you plan it that way?
What do you believe about marriage and children?


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