Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You a Workaholic? Take this test...

Are you a workaholic? Some people seem to get more done than others. Does that mean they're a workaholic? Take the test below and see how you do.

Ask yourself (and friends, family, co-workers) these questions to find out if you're truly a workaholic.

1. Do I forget to eat while working?

2. Do deadlines energize me?

3. Are you regularly late because "I just have to get one more thing done..."?

4. Do your children, husband, or friends have to "interrupt" you several times before you stop working--crucial point here--and you are already well past quitting time?

5. Are you always busy?

6. Do people regularly ask you to volunteer or do something because, "busy people get things done"?

7. Do you get antsy if you are idle?

8. Do you have a long to-do list? (Example: mine is not 10 things. My to-do list is 30-50 things a day.)

9. Do your significant relationships complain you "always" are working?

10. How many hours is a regular work day?
     a. 8 hours-Are you kidding? That's for wimps. People really do that?
     b. 10 hours-I had a day off and felt so productive.
     c. 12 hours-Dinner? Okay, but I still have some stuff to get done after.
     d. 14 hours-I'm almost through my list, if I can just get a few more things ticked off it.
     e. 16 hours-Now we're talking. I'm frustrated I have 3-5 things that have to be on tomorrow's list, but at least I've made headway.

How did you do? Can you guess how I did? And yes, I've put in 20 hour days. More of them than I can count on two hands.

So how do we balance the gifting of an Achiever with the danger of a workaholic? We'll get to that. But one way is to write your workaholism into a character in a book, lol, and you learn a lot about yourself in the process. That's where Mara Keegan comes from in A Healing Heart, April 2013, http://www.quiltsoflovebooks.com.

I've been in treatment for workaholism in the past. Then I took a test from Strengths Finder 2.0 and found something out. Achiever is one of my Top 5 Strengths! (Buy a new book if you decide to look into the Strengths Finder 2.0 so you have your own code. I do not get anything from suggesting this, but I feel it's a really good tool!)

Delightedly an Achiever,

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