Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Smokin' Hot

I find it ironic we complain up here in Montana about the cold. We've had a shorter summer than most of the states. Yet now we're complaining about the heat. I'm so happy with the warm weather, I'm not griping one bit. Look at the thermometer for our high temps.

It's been terribly hot and dry though. Now we've been warned of a heavy fire season for several more weeks. The smoke is so heavy it feels like we are socked in with fog. The smoke I could do without. Coming into my favorite month in Montana, the gloriously gorgeous Septembers glow with golden leaves. I so hope this will be the case. The second photo is last year's entry into September. I'll try and catch some good shots of our fall season this year.

What's your favorite month, and why, in your state? I'm dreaming of a mid-winter get away ;)
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