Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simplify Christmas

Is the world racing too fast? 
Christmas (okay, the month of December) seems like a sprint from start to finish. There's never time to catch a breath and enjoy. Then after the holidays, we feel like collapsing.

I'm sharing a few things today to help you slow down and simplify Christmas. Then if you're signed up for my newsletter, I'm sending out a few more ideas and another recipe. But click on the link now for a high protein, high fiber, low fat Christmas breakfast recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes as well as a thoughtful article on Holiday Simplicity.

Here's a few more ideas to Simplify Christmas:
1. Consider planning your Christmas season more around restful worship than parties to release the frenetic energy. An article to inspire you:
2. Plan leisurely brunches rather than huge dinners.
3. Say no, no, and no to all the invitations.
4. Take time to tell the stories that connect your family to history and faith. An article on celebrating Advent:
5. Make simple recipes and use crockpots, casseroles, and even frozen appetizers.
6. Focus on emotional stability rather than on shopping and events. Here's an article on emotional stability for you:

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