Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Power of a Thank You Note

Rough day?

And the sigh is as long as the face.

Then the unexpected happens. It's not related to this day. It's not related to the events of the week or even the month. It's a surprise from something forgotten. A kind turn given and forgotten.

A thank you note shows up in the mail.

The day brightens.

For a moment, your mind flickers back to that tiny deed. It was nothing. It didn't cost much time or effort.

But somehow, you touched a life enough to warrant a thank you.

The blessing? The sense of appreciation shows up on the day you need it most. The day you feel like life is just a little too hard. Challenges just a little too big for you.

But God knew. He knew when He nudged you to say yes to a small deed that meant the world to someone else. He knew you'd need that encouragement that minute. God prepared a special angel kiss way before you knew you'd need it.

The power of a thank you note isn't the words, oh they are often very beautiful and inspiring. The power of a thank you note is attitude altering, affirming, and awesome. It's stunning how enriching that powerful note can be.

Do you send thank you notes? Did you ever think they might actually be a gift set up by God for the person receiving it? Is it possible God is working through you when you send a thank you note to speak encouragement right into the soul of someone?
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