Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have Teens? Starting a Micro Business for Teens!

Wow, where was this book when I was a teen? Where was it when I was raising six kids?

Starting a Micro Business for Teens is the best thing to hit the market for parents since...well, you get the picture. I'm so sold on this book by Carol Topp! She's got a quick, easy to read and easy to understand style. It pops off the page with fun examples of what a normal American teen can do to earn extra money. But what it really does is set up a teen for success.

I found a workbook on Amazon too. She also has a Micro Business for Teens website. I'm so impressed at all the tools she's put in the hands of our smart, capable, and able young people. I'm also thrilled because I don't think it's a book a teen would toss aside as too complex or even boring. It's such a fast read. It drew me in and surprised me. I really did expect a dry litany. Instead I found vibrant ideas and excellent advice.

Do you have a teen who wants to show what they're capable of achieving? Do you have a school library you could share this book with to help kids? Let's do all we can to prepare the next generation of leaders by feeding their curiosity and ambition in a healthy way now.

Thank you, Carol Topp, for taking the time to care enough to write this book.

Stop by tomorrow (4/11/11) for some tips, Carol's bio, and comment to be in a contest for a grand prize give away.

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