Friday, April 22, 2011

Defending Glory by Anne K Albert

I'd like to introduce you all to a lovely romantic suspense writer. She has one book out and the second coming out very soon. Please enjoy an excerpt by Anne K. Albert from her book, Defending Glory.

About the book: Defending Glory
Suffering from survivor's guilt and unable to resume his career with the FBI, Mac McKeown moves to northern Minnesota to start over as a general contractor and forget that fateful day that changed everything. When he discovers the body of the man who ended his career on Glory Palmer's property, along with a warning for her to leave while she still can, Mac realizes his past has come back to haunt him and an innocent woman's life is in danger. He vows to keep her safe during construction of the retreat, but can he protect his heart as well?  

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“All the wiring's ruined,” the fire chief replied. “And the little that can be salvaged is woefully out of date. It wouldn't meet code even if it could be repaired.” He rhymed off the names of three local firms he recommended for the job. 
Glory and Mac thanked him and followed him outside to his truck. Silence reigned as they watched the vehicle disappear around a clump of cedar trees and down the lane. 
She climbed the porch steps slowly, as if her feet were made of cement blocks, slumped into a deck chair and gestured for him to join her.  
“This isn't good, is it?” she said. 
“According to the fire chief it could've been much worse.” Mac explained about the leaking roof. 
“I suppose I should be thankful for small blessings, but right now I'm finding that very difficult to do. We're already two weeks behind. One week due to the murder, and now another because of a suspicious fire. Everything scheduled to take place this week is once again on hold. Not a lick of work can be done without electricity, can it?” 
“I'll do my best to get an electrician on site this afternoon.” 
She tapped the toe of her sandal on the wooden deck. “I'm afraid we've got another problem.” 
“What's that?” 
She pulled a small fridge magnet from her pocket and handed it to him. “I found this on my car door this morning.”  
In bold neon letters, it displayed the telephone number of the Piedmont Island Fire Department. Printed in black permanent marker along the bottom were three words. 
I warned you. 

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BIO : Anne K. Albert is author of the romantic suspense Piedmont Island Trilogy series. DEFENDING GLORY, first book of the series, was released in September 2010. PROTECTING GLORY, second of the series, will be available August 2011.
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