Friday, January 07, 2011

Simple Tool for Achieving Any Goal

Are you digging into your dreams or are they already floating away?

By doing a little every day, you'll set up a pace to achieve them this year.

I think the biggest mistake we make in annual goals is not putting the daily planner to work. It's the simplest tool we have and the most neglected. But the neglect is of your own dreams--your special purpose.

We set ourselves up for failure by not working out a daily plan. Then a few months down the line, those dreams are already forgotten because they haven't been in front of us each morning. That sense of failure becomes a prophecy far into the future. But it's a prophecy you can change.

Put a note in your calendar, whether you use your cell phone or a hard copy. Ask yourself one week from today, "What have I done to work toward _____?" Can you look back and actually see steps toward achievement?

Do you have more than one goal? Then it's doubly important to schedule in time each day to work on that project. I realized this morning two things I'd promised myself to finish last week. I didn't write them down. They didn't get done. Perfect examples that my day timer works when I use the tool properly!

So here's my challenge: Will you do something every day to reach your goals with the tools available?
If so, pull out your daytimer right now and note the next seven steps, one each for the seven days. By following through on those plans, you'll reprogram your brain with positive expectations. You'll begin to expect to achieve your dreams. That expectation will turn into action and action into achievement.
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