Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do you take fear out of change?

The fear of change may be one reason for giving up on New Year resolutions. Once the resolutions start to make recognizable changes, it's easier to stop than to feel the discomfort. Want to go back in the shell?

One of the best ways to push through this discomfort is make change slowly. When people try to make radical changes most will fail because it's not sustainable long term. But creating new habits with small steps on a daily basis will help you be successful.

Why does this work when the other option doesn't?

Your brain only has to see the next spot, not miles down the road. Building up the skills along the way like learning to read or swim. The basics are crucial to the long term ability. Break down the resolution or goal into manageable portions and then break it down into daily tasks.

When you don't have to focus on the huge leap, like cliff diving, you'll build up confidence too. Do you think anyone who succeeds at the skills that amaze us did it without learning the basic skills? Cliff divers don't just run and jump. They start learning to dive off the side of the pool--after they've mastered learning to swim.

Time to come out of your shell and try again?

What's the next step for you? Just the one you have to do today to work toward your goal.

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