Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The grief of change

One of the things I'm so excited about this year is reviving my own blogging and writing life. But the change has been a difficult journey. I've been a little lost along the way in this new challenge of reestablising my goals. It's hard when something you've done for a long time becomes ingrained and then it's suddenly not there-- even when it's your choice to make the change.

The last two years I've been the publicity officer for ACFW. I spent 30-50, closer to 50, hours a week doing that volunteer position. I chose not to run again because of the heavy toll the commitment took on my family and writing/speaking life. 

So during 2010 my blog started to be the thing I neglected. Not intentionally, but out of fatigue from the long hours that landed on top of regular work. I'd let one post slip and then soon it was whole weeks I wasn't posting. After working with this blog since 2006, I felt like I'd lost a good friend. I'm honing the look and the direction here in order to reenter my writing life and refocus the ministry God has set before me.

Interestingly enough, change always seems to take us to a place of discomfort and brokenness. We end up letting everything go and starting over quite often because that's when we are most usable by God. How fitting for the title of this blog!

Today I'm wondering what you think of the new look. Is it fun, pretty, interesting? Does it make you feel comfortable while you visit? Can you find what you're looking for easily?

Thanks for taking the journey of change with me :-) It's a tough one to do alone!
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