Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gems of Wisdom Pre-Order Available

I am so excited to share this news! Gems of Wisdom: For A Treasure-Filled Life is now available for pre-order! Pinch me!

Days like this are those you remember for years to come as an author. That your work is real, touchable, available to make a difference in the world. So much is happening fast, behind-the-scenes. But it's still amazing when one little picture goes up for the world to see. Have you had a dream come true? How did you feel when you finally saw that it was real?

I hope this book and the companion guide do make a difference in your life too. Writing them, living them, changed me.

I love that as people read this book, they may feel closer to God by undertanding a little more about the gems of wisdom he created and how they relate to real life. But I also love that it's attached to supporting the Sanctuary of Hope Homes in Kenya through Hope's Promise Orphan Ministries. It's connected because I have the opportunity to help others through this work and because of that the additional privilege of blessing the orphan homes.

To see this book coming to reality is a huge achievement for me and I'm grateful to so many people that have helped along the way in their brainstorming and consulting (Michelle Sutton and Dr. Willy Kemp), believing in me and the project (Tamela Hancock-Murray and Joan Shoup), and the amazing friends who critiqued, proofed, and supported me through the journey (Pam Morris, Margaret Daley, Sunni Jeffers, my F.A.I.T.H girl bloggers Missy, Mindy, Lindi, Christy, and Jenn). There are so many, many more. How about this...I'll post a thank you to people randomly because I'm grateful. The gem of wisdom in that for me is to keep my heart thankful for the love others have given to help me on the journey and to recognize that I did not do this by myself. To be here is to be aware that I am only here because God provided people to lift me up, walk with me, and mentor me along the way.

So join me on facebook, the new page set up for this book, as I thank people who made it possible for something like this book to be an achievable dream.

With joy and thankfulness to God that He is so good to bring about our dreams!

Just a little bigger so you can see it.
Gems of Wisdom Pre-Order
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