Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gems of Wisdom Book Covers and New Release Date! Take 2

Okay, we had a minor change on the book cover. Why? Because the subtitle wasn't exactly right as a description for the inside material. I'm so very excited to show you the final final ;-)

Journey Press: A division of Sheaf House. Coming March 2011.
Much more what the book is about! Want to know what they're about? Here's a links to the Youtube videos with a talk I gave a few weeks ago. We had to split the talk into part 1 and 2.

I am accepting invitations for speaking events if you like those speaking samples. I love doing general audiences, day long seminars, women's retreats, and keynoting at conferences or ladies teas.

And here's the companion guide. The book can be read alone. But for a great study with a group or individual, the guide will help deepen the concepts on a personal level.

Journey Press: A division of Sheaf House. Coming March 2011
Now I'm off to post the book covers on my websites, blogs, and any other place I can find to show these beautiful covers.

May your life be treasure-filled!
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