Monday, August 02, 2010

Miniature Horse Competition: Montana Mondays

Mini Horse Competition Jumping
The Western Montana Fair starts Tuesday, but the youth 4-H competition is the weekend before the big fair. These little guys are spectacular fun and very, very intelligent animals. The young people working the horses were learning confidence, courage, and dedication.

Below is the 2 person cart. A mini can pull 4-5 times their weight. I can't wait to train my mini, Spanky, to cart :-) See the building behind? It's been a mainstay at the Fairgrounds here in Missoula for years. Our fairgrounds has been swallowed by the city. It's now middle of the city. Any move of the fairgrounds has been blocked because we all just like our fair where it is! And, by the way, the buildings are used year round for a ton of social activities. But today, it was minis and 4-H to my heart's content.
Mini Horse Carting Competition

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