Friday, July 23, 2010

Snoopy Dancing for new book contract, Gems of Wisdom

Hi all,

I'm tickled enough to be Snoopy dancing because my non-fiction book, Gems of Wisdom, has a release date of June 1, 2011 from Sheaf House's non-fiction imprint, Journey Press. It's actually a two book project. It's tied to a workbook/journal and an upcoming speaking tour. But also is integrally connected to the Gems of Wisdom line of jewelry that helps support the Sanctuary of Hope orphan homes in Kenya through the Hope's Promise missions.

I am celebrating and overjoyed! It's based on a women's seminar that I do and now I'll be able to share it in a bigger way thanks to Joy DeKok, Joan Shoup, and Tamela Hancock-Murray believing in me and this project.

No one achieves anything alone. I've had Michelle Sutton as a brain storming partner, Willy Kemp as a medical/scientific consultant, several dear people who shared their personal experiences with me for various chapters, my critique partner Pam Morris, Julie Cowan, Jonathan Nelson, Margaret Daley, my 30 test readers, hundreds of seminar/online class students, Finish-the-Book eloop, ACFW friends, my blog partners (Missy, Jennifer, Lindi, Christy, Mindy), the Montana Romance Writers, and so many more.

All of these people poured support and encouragement into this project in one way or another. I'm so grateful to have had such a blessing on my writing and in my life! Thank you for the opportunity you all gave me.

An unusual note is how many fiction writers had impact on my writing a non-fiction book. Who knew? But it's crucial to me to realize the power of creative non-fiction through analogy and story telling. No, I'm not done writing fiction. But I hope you'll think I'm a better non-fiction writer for the benefit of all the fiction training.

For now, just sharing a huge joy and a grateful heart!
Angie Breidenbach
Gems of Wisdom, Sheaf House/Journey Press June 2011
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