Monday, August 16, 2010

Gems of Wisdom Event Thursday, Aug. 19th, 7pm

Please check your schedules and come this Thursday, Aug. 19th at 7 p.m. to the special Gems of Wisdom Event. I'll be speaking on the book, Gems of Wisdom, and sharing some fun information on an upcoming speaking tour. The book launches June 1, 2011.

We're going on a treasure hunt to find the gems of wisdom God gives us as we overcome the pirates of negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

We'll be filming this event to use for future events and your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

If you haven't had the chance to see the Gems of Wisdom line of jewelry that supports the orphan homes in Kenya, it will be on display Thursday night as well for the film crew. Please feel free to ask questions about the Hope's Promise ministry, Sanctuary of Hope Homes, and the orphans. I'm so excited about the success of this program and the ability to change lives around the world through Gems of Wisdom.

I hope you can come :-) Take a look at the website to see if it interests you. Friends are welcome.

Also, please share this so lots of friends will hear. You just never know who God will bring and who's heart you will touch because of it.

Gems of Wisdom event
Atonement Lutheran Church
2205 SW 34th St.
Missoula, MT 59801

Thank you,
Angie Breidenbach
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