Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amethyst-The self care reminder

I took most of today off. For those that know me, I probably blew off a few socks, lol.

I've worked way too many days straight including editing in the car on our 8 hour drive to, and again from, Seattle for business meetings.

I shut down my computer about 1 a.m. --2 hours outside of Missoula-- and didn't open it up again until almost 9 p.m. tonight.

Yes, there is work waiting. Editing, a few articles due, business discussions on email. But mental and emotional exhaustion took their toll. It was time for a break.

I felt a bit guilty. Then I remembered writing the chapter on self-care in Battle Your Pirates and Win! Here I was teaching people to take care of themselves and I hadn't been doing it!

So I stopped feeling guilty and decided to be honest. I needed a break. In fact, I'm only on for a short time tonight because I'm going to do the unheard of...go to bed early!

I hear you gasping, lol. Wait until you hear that I'm staying off the computer most of the day tomorrow too!

Double gasp :-D

I'll be back on late tomorrow night, but I'm going to take that much needed rest away from the computer screen, writing, and all the other computer activities long enough to rest my brain.

What have you done to care for your sense of well-being lately?

The pendant above is one of the pieces that helps support the Sanctuary of Hope Homes-a Hope's Promise Orphan Ministry to Kenyan orphans from the Mathare Slum. You can learn more about this amethyst pendant at
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