Friday, August 14, 2009

Pet Fest--Mrs. Montana International Appearance

Last year, I had a lot of fun MCing and helping at the Pet Fest as Mrs. Missoula America. This year, I've been asked back as Mrs. Montana International 2009!

Pet Fest is a fun event that helps place and adopt out pets as well as raise pet food for folks that are struggling and need financial help keeping their companion pets.

So I will be at Caras Park in Missoula this Saturday, Aug. 15th! You can find out more information at :-)

But it has a twist.

One of our local business owners agreed to buy a $3500 dunk tank for the event to use year after year...IF...Mrs. Montana would allow herself to be ... dunked!

Would I? Could I?

Why not? When something creates smiles, laughter and helps people I'm all in.

I'll be MCing the pet costume parade (this was hilarious entertainment last year) getting the crowd to help me decide the winner. Then I'll scoot on over to the dunk tank to take my hour long turn getting soaked with other local celebrities.

Come out and have a plain, old-fashioned good time with me!

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