Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Time for Dreams

Life is so busy for Americans. I wonder how we manage to achieve our dreams any more in the land of possibilities. It seems our dreams have become sporting events and concerts.

Now I'm not against those at all. I love to attend too. But in between our kid activities and work, there's very little time left for the pursuit of a dream.

We're taking our youngest off to college, 12 hours away, and my home will be sans kids after 25 years. It's quite astonishing, really!

I've loved being a mom, that season of life, but now I am being called forward into a different season.

I am grateful that as the "weather changes" I am not literally leaving behind my motherhood. But I'm also grateful that I can now put more time and effort into dreams that percolated for so long.

Are you at a season change? Are you seeing one coming in the near future?

I prepared over the last 5 years by taking classes, one or two at a time, in order to dive in to my future. I'm glad I did. Had I arrived in this place, this time without that preparation, I think empty nesting would have wiped me out emotionally.

I know I'll cry when we leave my son at school and drive away. I know. But instead of emptiness, I'm looking toward a new fullness that has been simmering long enough. The aroma draws me to the plans I've made. I'm going to inhale and breathe in the goals and fill my lungs with a new bouquet.

What are you planning?

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