Thursday, July 09, 2009

Adventures In Confidence Building

I am on an amazing adventure this week. My very first online class. No, not taking it, teaching it. I have taken so many that I lost count a long time ago. But each one I took I loved so much, I wanted to teach.

My class is titled, Battling Your Inner Pirates--And Winning! It's based on the non-fiction book I wrote called, Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom. (Now I'm thinking I need to change the title of the book before it publishes! I hadn't thought of this title before, lol.) It's the first book in my Gems of Wisdom series.

I did all those things a person does the first time on an adventure. Worried, planned, wondered if anyone would take the class, if I had something to offer that someone else really could learn and then dove in cannonball style.

After I hit send, then I worried that I'd sent too much for the first lesson. Silly me, to worry.

As I responded through the day to my students, I gained confidence. Some students even emailed me private notes about how much they appreciated the class and it was relevant to their life now.

I love chocolate, but to hear that something you've never done before, and that you weren't sure you could do, mattered in someone else's life? Pure bliss! There's not enough chocolate in the world to make up for the feeling that something you did mattered.

So tonight I sent off the second lesson to the ACFW Course eloop. Still a little nervous on my new adventure, but gaining confidence like the little engine that could.

It's a steep hill the first time out. I think I can. I think I can.

I'm overjoyed at the reception. I hope to give a much longer class in the fall from my own website. But first, I'll climb this hill and soar down the other side :-)

If you would like to take the free ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) classes, all you have to do is become a member and then sign up for the Course E-Loop.

Do you have an adventure you've been thinking about?

What is it?

PS I now have a Mrs. Montana International facebook group. Please come join and I will do my best to entertain you with interesting tidbits about the preparation and the competition for Mrs. International. It's next week in Chicago!
You can find out more about Mrs. International and even vote for me at
Be sure and leave me questions too! I love answering them. I'll keep it updated through the pageant, July 14-18,
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