Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's Mrs. Montana International up to these days?

Hi all,

I've been getting lots of fun questions about what I do as Mrs. Montana International and how I am preparing for the upcoming Mrs. International competition in Chicago at the Skokie Performing Arts Center. (It's July 17-18th in Skokie.)

Here's some of the recent questions :-)

Tiff asked: So, how are things going as you gear up for Mrs. International in 2 weeks? I've never personally met anyone who has represented a state for those competitions. How exciting!

Angie: Really great! I want to do my very best so I am paying attention to even the finest of details. I want people to know they can count on me to bring 100 % to the table, not just for the judges, but for the people I'll serve through the year should I be honored to win Mrs. International. I actually schedule in prep time and have a list that I'm checking off to be ready. A little done every day layers the professional readiness and fuses it into a natural expression of who I am and what I am accomplishing. I think if I were to try and race it all in at the end, something would be forgotten and that would distract me from my goals. So checking off that list makes me feel I've done everything possible to be ready and fully present when I get to Chicago. Thanks for asking, Tiff!

Regardless of what big event you are planning toward, make time to write down all the details. For some reason it is always the little one that gets forgotten that buzzes around you like a pesky fly. Supersede it with great planning.

Misty asked: What kind of appearances do you do as Mrs. Montana?

Angie: I've been doing several appearances here at home for my platform charities. We've had the U of M Capstone Dinner in May to raise scholarship funds for culinary students.

My job at the Capstone Dinner was as MC. I love it and feel doubly blessed that I was asked again this year! (That's the band, several U of MT music students, setting up behind me.)

In May I also had the privilege of acting as hostess for a women's event called Smart About Life with author Deborah Dunn. We held a teleseminar available on the internet, in person at Atonement Lutheran Church and by telephone. I was again the MC for this event and the fun dessert social afterward. The focus was on teaching women to improve the relationships with the men in their lives. Awesome time!

Then I ended May as the Women of Faith coordinator for our church and area. I had the honor of leading and coordinating 25 lovely ladies to travel over for the Spokane event the last weekend in May.

This is the Mandisa concert from Women of Faith. Very moving testimony and a wonderful addition to the whole weekend! She told us all that she'd already lost 80 pounds! Now she is fully committed to continuing toward a healthier lifestyle. Whoo hoo! What an excellent example of personal growth and reaching out to share that gem of wisdom with others!

The Jadyn Fred Foundation has had the annual live auction where I assisted in acquiring auction donations prior and then had a blast playing "Vanna" as I helped show the items during the auction.

I made this one a little bigger so you could see the painting by Larry Pirnie, a local Montana artist. (I'm sure he has no idea, but we are actually neighbors, lol. I've walked by his house on my 5 mile route often and never met him.)

Then the Jadyn Fred Foundation also had their annual golf tournament. It was so, so cold, but the golfers showed in force and opened their hearts to help children with expenses that insurance doesn't cover. My job was to welcome the golfers while selling raffle tickets at the check-in table! How fun that I met Kraig Michaels there as my work buddy and on my right (your left in the photo) one of the board of directors for the Jadyn Fred Foundation who also delivered my grandson! He's Dr. Mark Garnaas. Wonderful men and such fun personalities to banter with during the check-in for the tourney.

I'll add more of my appearances in later posts as I've gotten quite a few questions about them. Upcoming, I'll tell you about my own teleseminar, a television appearance, and interviews :-)
Thank you,
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