Monday, April 20, 2009

Do Your Homework

Funny thing is I'm not saying this to one of my six kids anymore. I'm saying it to myself. I started the classes to get my certification in life coaching last week. I really look forward to opening my practice in the fall with a huge grand opening party. In the meantime, I found out that I will need to give 20, count them, 20 sample sessions to earn the hours I need for certification.

Actually, I think that's going to be fun and interesting. I have been mentoring and peer counseling for years. Now I'll take that a step farther in my new business, Gems of Wisdom. I'll be teaching online classes as well as one-on-one personal coaching.

Today, the assignment was to uncover unique character traits, skills, strengths and talents. Nothing out of the usual, but how many of us really ever sit down and ponder who we are and how that might help someone else?

I've decided to create a plan for giving away those free sample sessions required for my certification. I'm thinking of here on my blog and over on my website.

I'd love feedback on that idea. Would a fun contest or a "comment and be put in a drawing" entice you? Would you want to have a free one hour life coaching session as I work toward certification?

As I learn more about the process and procedure, I'll figure out the when and how to give these away. I know I have to have all of my sample sessions done before the end of September. Probably sooner since I will be in Denver for the ACFW conference for nearly two weeks.

So tell me, is this of interest to you? What would you discover about your own strengths, skills, talents and unique character traits if you had to do my assignment right now?

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