Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Busy Week!

Our family has had more than enough activities to do this week. I can't think there would be any one that was bored. I started looking at our town through they eyes of a stranger and realized I would have been hard pressed to be bored in Missoula this week!

We've had a variety of basketball tournaments from Class C and B to college games. Our school had 4 full days of Districts. As we drove away from the last game (sadly a loss) I realized it was really our last game. My son was captain of his team and is our youngest. He graduates this year! I felt a little melancholy on that drive. We'd followed the team for so many years and now we are done with that era of life. Ah, but it was a good era!

Then there's an annual home show out at the U of M. There was a charity event happening that blew out the doors of the restaurant and even a hockey game.

Our family had extra members in town. We tried bowling. Both bowling alleys were super busy but we finally found lanes at the second. My daughter went out to a swing dance party while friends went to a great concert. My son's father-in-law is in the symphony. Their concert was today in competition to the MBIA home show.

Now that we are nearly through the weekend, we have to finish picking up our booth from the home show and move equipment and trucks back to the Design Air shop for the guys to start work tomorrow morning.

So my plan? I'm going to take my own advice from my post over at Writer's Rest today and turn off all the outside noise/electronic equipment tonight an hour before bedtime. I'm going to jot out all those things that are still swirling in my head and get them out of there! Once on paper, I'll be much less stressed and ready to relax again.

How about you? How was your week?
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