Monday, February 23, 2009

Mrs. Elite Ambassador Pageant Results

I'm excited to share a new accomplishment with you all today. I entered an essay in the Mrs. Elite Ambassador Pageant, a national level contest.

The point of this pageant is community service, something very close to my heart. I live very intentionally with a heart of volunteerism. I believe everyone has a niche, something they are passionate about. For me that is helping others to have better relationships and teaching awareness about brain donation. I hope to continue educating people about the importance of brain research in solving mental illness and other brain diseases and disorders.

Each year, one Mrs. Elite Ambassador is added to the sisterhood. She keeps her title for her lifetime and continues her work in her own niche.

This is the second year of the competition. The rules are that she must be married for at least 6 months and write an essay about what marriage means to her as well as what she plans to do with the Mrs. Elite Ambassador title.

I won 1st Runner-Up 2009!

Thanks for sharing my fun today! Maybe I'll have the chance again sometime to win, but it was worth taking the risk for the opportunity to reach out for something I believe in.

Do you take chances?

If you had the opportunity to win a title like this, what would be important enough to you to share with others?

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