Friday, February 27, 2009

Book: Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court

Angie's Take: I loved the opening parallel to The Fall. It sets up the world that Chuck Black creates is a wonderful parallel of the world we live in. The language in Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court draws me right into the ambience and place. I could see it all in my mind. I think this book easily connects to the youth market and is a fun read too.

Book: Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court


This second installment in Chuck Black’s Knights of Arrethtrae series tells the tale of Sir Bentley, an honorable knight who abandons all to seek the truth of the Prince. Eirwyn, a mysterious young woman who brings food to the poor, teaches Bentley the power of compassion to overcome evil. Together, they save the people of Holbrook from poverty and despair.

Sir Bentley’s quest for the truth of the Prince finds him battling Shadow Warriors, a powerful lord, and a terrifying creature. Will greed destroy Holbrook? Or can Bentley and the mysterious Eirwyn restore prosperity to the kingdom through the compassion of the Prince? Intended for family read-alouds and Christian teens, this fantastic story will entertain and edify parents and kids alike.

Chuck Black is the father of six children, all homeschooled through high school. His passion is to equip young Christians to serve the Lord. He wants kids to know that avoiding sin during their youth is critical. “What may seem harmless to a young person,” he says, “actually can create a stronghold for sin that lasts long into adult life.” Sir Bentley is the second book in Chuck’s Knights of Arrethtrae series. Each installment portrays a virtue and a vice. Readers of Sir Bentley will be encouraged to embrace the virtues of compassion and courage and warned against the vice of greed. Knight duals, a hideous beast to be slain, and a mysterious maiden of mercy will keep parents and kids alike begging for one more chapter.

If you know a homeschooling family, are involved in youth ministry, or just have a passion for young adult fiction, this book is not to be missed.

Author Bio:
Chuck Black, a former F-16 fighter pilot and tactical communications engineer, is the author of eight novels, including the popular Kingdom series. He has received praise from parents across the country for his unique approach to telling biblical truths. His passion in life is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to love his wife, Andrea, and their six children. He lives with his family in North Dakota.
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