Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trying something new in exercise

Alrighty then, can I just say--OW!

I tried Yoga in a free class offered by our church's office manager. It was very gentle and we had a break to oogle a new baby. Well, she had to take the break as we all left our mats and oogled, lol.

I liked Yoga.

So I took a class from my gym yesterday. I did like it, but I sure feel it today. In fact, I felt it last night only a few hours later.

I've been hearing how good it is for the body. I would have to agree. I learned just how weak my muscles are from all the shaking I did while trying to pose.

For those of you afraid to make a fool of yourself in front of people, do what I did. Laugh about it. I couldn't hold many of the poses without falling over. I'm reasonbly fit from cardio and regular exercise. But I did not even know there were muscles in . . . yeah, we aren't going to mention those.

I did learn that yoga is an awesome help to posture. That makes me excited. I need better posture being a writer. I hunch too much and get neck/head aches from it. I am enthusiastic about learning something new too. I'd gotten bored with weight lifting and treadmill. (Although I do love reading while on the treadmill and eliptical!)

I'd also gained a few pounds over the holiday. I had to quit working out as I'd caught the Norovirus and was honestly not up to it. So the few pounds and the weakness is getting kicked out! Back on track, not because of the New Year or anything, because I have a long term plan for health and wellness.

So I shake. Yep. I shake while trying to balance and fighting to stretch very tight hamstrings. But instead of putting my mind on the early, painful signs of growth, I'm setting my mind on the goal. A couple of months down the line, I'm not going to be shaking and fallilng over. I'm going to be stronger and healthier.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy making my instructor smile as we giggle together about my clumsy ways. It's actually fun to make someone else smile. Not a bad thing at all.

Revamping my exercise plan has given me a new interest in the health of my body from an entirely new direction. Cool. It's pretty relaxing too. A very good thing for me. I've already lost 2 pounds!

I did discover that I don't really like ylang ylang oil. A bit too cloying for my sniffer. But how fun it is to try it once when the instructor offered it as we relaxed at the end.

Have you tried something new for the health of your body recently?

Are you afraid of making a fool of yourself?

Could you try anyway?

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