Monday, January 19, 2009

Little White School House Archeological Project

One of the projects I've had the pleasure of talking about on the radio in 2008 is the Little White School House. A boy scout troup in our town is renovating this building to save it from destruction, preserve the history of our area and to provide a new community center for public use. I'd like to introduce Kris Crawford, the project director, and a need they have for the Missoula, MT historical records. If you happen to have other information, I know the scouts and Ms. Crawford would be more than happy to accept it.

In my opinion, this is as much a mission field opportunity as any other.

Please feel free to contact her with your responses.
Thank you,

I need help with some research at Target Range Historic school house. We have several archeological areas that we need help with.

Our project is run on donations of time and services alone. So we have no funding. I am applying for grants this winter.

Right now we are researching an old Great Falls Montana potato gunny sack that was found in the wall for insulation. We believe it to be from the 1940's.

I am having a heck of a time finding information on this. Can you join our project and help?


Kris Crawford
project director
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