Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lay Ups And Long Shots

I have such an honor to review books. It's a blessing I wouldn't have known about a few years ago. In looking over new writing hitting the market, I get the chance to see a variety of genres and age related material. I review both fiction and non-fiction.

Today's book review came out of my desire to support the sport of basketball, lol.

I first thought the book was all about stories that drew inspirational connection to the game of basketball. But as I read through each chapter, written by a different author, I realized it was much better than narrowing in on one game. It connects life lessons to all sorts of sports.

Lay Ups and Long Shots connects the ideas we learn in sports to the growth that happens on the inside. It's uplifting for kids who aren't used to being the best in sports too. There's a tween girl who can't climb a rope but then finds a surprise ability, there's a boy who deals with a bully and a girl who deals with conflicting responsibilities. Very true to life issues presented in a storyteller's manner.

I believe this little book is meant for ages 10 and up, but any elementary reader would enjoy it also. Teachers could easily use this in the lower grades for story time. Each short story is enjoyable and interesting.

Another thing I liked about it was the Korean girl in the last chapter. I enjoyed the cultural differences that kept the story going and helped create a bigger picture than the sport she wanted to play.

If you have an elementary student, I'd encourage this book as a stocking stuffer. They'll think it's fun and interesting while as a parent, you'll feel like you have a tool to support some of the lessons your child needs to grow.

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